Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Yesterday I decided to do some in depth cleaning of my craft room. After doing so, I ended up with a pile of random objects and a realization: you can tell a lot about a person based on the forgotten-about crap that they have in their craft room. I thought I'd share a few of the objects that I found with you. Feel free to come up with your own personality assessment of me. And give me a heads up if you've decided that your assessment warrants a call to the authorities. Or my mom.

Here's what I found...I'm going to try to go in order of time period...If I can remember correctly.

First up:
This is a photo of my friend Jozanna and myself at our college graduation. I can't seem to find my diploma, so I'm hoping this off-centered, faded, random photo will serve as proof that I graduated college.  I'm pretty sure this is a legally binding document. Also, please note how flattering the graduation gowns are...


This is my "Los Angeles Collage." In the top left corner is my 20/20 Video lanyard. On the left side is my victim's report from when I was held up at 20/20 Video. And on the bottom left corner are the bus tokens that I never used after being too scared of the L.A. public after said robbery. I like to look at this little collage as the reasons I left L.A.

Moving on:
Charlie's Angels sticker and Rolling Stones patch. There was a time in my life when I was obsessed with both these things. I can't explain the Charlie's Angels thing and luckily that has passed. I'm still pretty obsessed with The Stones, though.

Uh huh, and?:

This doesn't have much significance, except that The Detroit Cobras are one of my favorite bands. And I thought it was weird to find a C.D. With the onset of MP3's, this might as well be an 8-track. But, you can't take a picture of an MP3.....

Um, OK...what else?

Well, it's not all depressing victim's reports and cheesy Charlie's Angels stickers. Here's a nice romantic collection- pics from our wedding, pesos from our honeymoon and Troy's first anniversary card to me. Aw. See, I have a soft side. It's not ALL sarcasm and cynicism.

And here's something completely random:

This is the image that sparked the idea for the tattoos on the backs of my legs. Now you know.

OK, that was boring.

How about this:

So, for a BRIEF moment in time, I was really into collecting vintage travel ephemera.

Um, that was almost as boring as the damn cats photo.  I apologize. Let's try this:

I met one of my heroes, John Waters! Yay!

OK, getting better.....

Here's something:
What the what? I do want to clarify that this was given to me. But, I can't explain why I kept it for so long. I don't think this counts as probable cause....

Then I found this:
I found these RIGHT after the True Crime cards. Sort of a palate cleanser, I guess. I'm not quite sure how old this bar of soap and towelettes are, so I can't testify to their sin-washing abilities....

But, I might need them after this:

That top item, my friends, is a vintage Wells Fargo coffin tag. Yep, Wells Fargo used to be in the mortuary business. That bottom thing is a belt buckle blank. I think you know where I'm going with this. Flash forward to this morning- these two items plus a little bit of JB Weld and I now have the most awesomely macabre belt buckle. Squeal!

So that's what I found. Now, before you go crazy on the psychiatric evaluations, I implore you to look into your own long forgotten drawers and see what you find. You might realize that you are almost as troubled as me:)

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