Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Going Back to Kali

I'm going to be honest with you- lately, I've been very distraught over finding a job. It seems that I'm collecting more rejection emails than I thought possible. That does a few things to the psyche...not good things. And while my confidence is quite shaken, I'm still not relenting on my job search criteria: No huge corporations, No sole-crushing work, No sales jobs....and No scrubs.

I also want to be clear- I'm not looking for a job because I don't have one and I have all sorts of time on my hands. I have a more than full-time job making jewelry. However, it is paying less than a part-time job; and that's not paying the bills.  So, I have to abandon my goal of running my own business and join the traditional workforce again. I'm not happy about this. But, a smart-ass, jewelry-making blogger's got to do what a smart-ass, jewelry-making blogger's got to do, right?

There is a point to this rant, other than catharsis. Today, I'm going to write about Kali, the Hindu goddess usually associated with death and destruction...and unemployment (ok, not really the unemployment part). So why is this relevant? Well, as you may or may not know, there is a duality involved in most Hindu gods and goddesses. So, even though Kali is known as a violent goddess, her symbolism is also known as a goddess who is able to eradicate negative thoughts and bad habits in the minds of her followers.  And I need some negative thoughts eradicated, for sure.

So here's the deal with Kali:

Kali was born from the furrowed brow of Durga. Durga was fighting this demon named Raktabija. She was having a hard time, though, because every time a drop of blood spilled from Raktabija, it would fall on the ground and start a clone of the demon. In comes Kali. Kali had a taste for demon blood sucked all the blood from Raktabija before he could reproduce.

But, Kali got a bit too excited about demon slaying. On story tells of how Kali became so bloodthirsty and excited by her demon slaying on the battlefield that she started to do a dance. She got so involved in the dance and started stomping on the bodies of the dead demons. Which would be fine, I guess, except her husband Shiva was also on the ground and she started stomping on him in the fervor of her demon jitterbug. Shiva finally got her attention, but not without shaming her first. After realizing her folly, she stuck out her tongue as a sign of shame. Thus, the typical depiction of Kali.

The name Kali means "She who is black." This name refers to her symbology of death, destruction, sexuality, violence, and motherly love. Yep. Motherly love. The whole thing behind her destructive nature is that she destroys to recreate. And what she destroys is sin, ignorance and decay. She recreates light. Ya' dig?

That's just a little bit about Kali. And just like a lot of religious texts, I found many different interpretations of her story. I went with the most popular. That's my disclaimer. I'm not a religious scholar, I'm just a failed jewelry designer:)

Here's the necklace that goes with today's blog post. Oh, and it's on sale!

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