Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sea Monkey See, Sea Monkey Do

Well, tomorrow is the official start of the holiday season and I thought that I should blog about something that everyone will most likely have to face in the upcoming weeks: disappointment.

And what is more disappointing than Sea Monkeys? Remember the excitement you felt after ordering your first batch of live Sea Monkeys, only to discover that they were just weird specs of possibly-dead lameness, floating in dirty water.

But, you bought them, didn't you? And I would suggest that the 6-8 weeks of waiting in joyous anticipation of your briny friends' arrival, far outweighs the actual let-down that is the Sea Monkey phenomenon.

Let's talk about Sea Monkeys, shall we?

  • Sea Monkeys are the brain child (or should I say "brine child") of inventor Harold von Braunhut. Sounds like a made up name, if I'd ever heard one. But, wikipedia never lies. Ever. Anyway, the creatures were a hybrid of brine shrimp.
  • Originally called "Instant Life," von Braunhut changed the name to Sea Monkeys in 1962. He came up with the name because the tails of the little shrimp looked like monkey tails. And also they lived in salt water. Thus, Sea Monkeys. 
  • Harold von Braunhut aggressively marketed his new product in the pages of comic books. He hired illustrator Joe Orlando to create the image of the now famous Sea Monkeys, living in a magical, Atlantis like world. So, it is Joe Orlando that we have to thank for giving us the first hard lessons we learned as children: Adults are liars.
  • So, how long do Sea Monkeys live? According to the Sea Monkey website, up to 2 years:  "Thanks to new computer-driven processing technologies and ultra-pure, non-toxic chemicals, twice as many Sea-Monkeys instantly hatch, grow larger and live longer than ever before.This makes me feel kind of bad that mine only lived for 2 days.
Well, believe it or not, there's just not a lot of interesting facts about Sea Monkeys....but here's an interesting belt buckle:

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