Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Think Pink!

Well, I know that I promised that every blog post this month would be about something Halloween related, but I want to take this week's blog post to talk about something scary, but not Halloween related.

As you probably know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. And as the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, I feel that it is important to take this opportunity to help spread awareness.

So here's a few breast cancer facts:

  • Estimated new cases of breast cancer in 2011: 230,480 (female), 2,140 (male, yep- dudes can get it too)

  • Factors that increase a woman's risk for breast cancer: age, genetics, menstrual history, obesity, daily alcohol consumption (uh oh for me). Factors that decrease the risk: breast feeding and physical activity. While there are no proven prevention techniques, a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk.

  •  Scary statistic: about 40% of women will discover a lump in their breast. But, this does not mean that they have breast cancer. A lump can be benign and not breast cancer related. Still, it is very important to fell your boobies for early detection. If you do find a lump, go see your doctor asap. 

  • State with the highest instances of breast cancer: Rhode Island. State with the lowest: Arizona.

  • The causes of breast cancer are still relatively unknown. While we now know some of the things that can raise your risk, it is still important to fund research so that we can find a cause and a cure.

  • So, what's up with the pink ribbon? Well, the first known use of the pink ribbon was when it was handed out in 1991 to participants in the Susan G. Komen New York City race for breast cancer survivors. The pink ribbon was modeled after the red ribbon for AIDS awareness.

  • The pink ribbon was chosen as a way to represent fear of breast cancer, hope for the future, and charitable goodness of people and businesses. It is used to evoke solidarity amongst breast cancer patients.
These are only a few facts about breast cancer. I wanted to keep this post relatively light. If you need or want more information about breast cancer, or you would like to make a donation to research, please go to .

Here's a sweet little necklace that I think is appropriate for the month of October. Also, if you buy this necklace, I will donate the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen center.

And, for the month of October, I'm offering a discount off your total purchase in my etsy shop. Just enter coupon code PINK20 for 20% off. The discounted percentage will also be donated to the Susan G. Komen center.

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