Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Jersey Devil...And I don't mean Snooki

It's finally October, my favorite month EVER! And, around the corner is Halloween, my favorite holiday EVER! And, I'm getting over my cold with some doctor prescribed vicodin-spiked cough syrup, which I suspect makes me add exclamation marks to everything!

Minor prescription-drug-induced-hyperbole aside, I really do love Halloween. So for the whole month of October, I'm going to blog about all things scary, creepy, frightening, etc. So, let's start with The Jersey Devil...and I don't mean Snooki...although she does fit into the category of scary, creepy and frightening.

There's several variations of the legend of the Jersey Devil. But, we'll focus on the most popular and interesting of them all. The story goes that a rather "loose" woman (aka whore) named "Mother Leeds" found out that she was pregnant with her 13th child. Upon giving birth to the kid, she cursed it by saying "Let it be the devil." Well, be careful what you wish for. According to legend, the child was born with horns, wings, a tail and a horse-like head. And, no- the child wasn't Sarah Jessica Parker... she's from Ohio, not New Jersey.

The Jersey Devil is said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, reeking havoc on livestock and even humans. The most active time period for Jersey Devil sightings was said to be one particular week in 1909. Sightings occurred from January 16 through January 23 and included hoofed footprints in the snow to actual creature sightings by eyewitnesses. In fact, the sightings became so frequent and widespread (even reaching Pennsylvania and Delaware) that many schools and workplaces shut down in panic.  Among the alleged attacks, was an attack on a trolley car in Haddon Heights, NJ as well as an attack at a social club in Camden, NJ. It was even reported that shots were fired on the creature in by the Camden police department.

After that, not much was heard about the Jersey Devil. A few sightings would be reported every now and then, but much like the Loch Ness monster, no definitive evidence has surfaced since the 1909 sightings. 

So, was the Jersey Devil a real monster or perhaps a drunken New Jersey housewife? Who knows. But, just like Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, Nessie, and aliens; I think it's fun to buy into the folklore. Why not?

Well, this necklace isn't exactly the Jersey Devil...from what I've seen the image of the Jersey Devil isn't exactly the cutest thing to have around your neck. But, I really like this vintage deco devil image. And so should you. 

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  1. Ha!! Great Blog! Cant wait to read the next! Happy October!!!!