Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bats, Belfries, Etc.

"Just how many bats are in your belfry?" That's is the question I would like to ask Michelle Bachman or Christine O'Donnell or Victoria Jackson or Sarah Palin or...well you get the point.

But this blog isn't about crazy ladies. It's about bats! Because it's getting close to Halloween and I think bats are pretty cool little mammals....

  • Yep, I said mammals. They are warm blooded, have live births, and nurse their young. Also, they are the only mammals that can fly...well except for Snoopy when he fights the Red Barron.
  • Bats have arms and fingers. Their wings consist of a thin layer of skin that stretches over their arms and fingers. That is both creepy and fantastically awesome.
  • Speaking of wings, bats don't just flap their wings up and down. Instead, they sort of swim through the air, using motions that resemble a butterfly stroke.
  • Vampire bats rarely bite people and they rarely kill their prey. Instead, they feed on large mammals like horses and cattle. To feed on their prey, they make a shallow wound with their teeth and then they lick up the blood. They ingest about an ounce of blood a day...which is a little under a shot glass amount (to put it in terms I can better understand). Oh, and also, vampire bats don't turn into Count Dracula....Just in case you didn't know that already.
  • Bats eat at night and sleep during the day. Like college students. They live in caves or at the tops of trees and sleep upside down in a colony. The largest bat colony is in Bracken Cave, TX (release the Bracken!). Also in Texas is the Congress Avenue bridge in Austin. A bunch of bats live there too and they like to fly out near sundown to nom on some insects. It's a cool thing to see. But it's kind of smelly and also, I was afraid one would get stuck in my hair....
  • Bat babies are called pups. Adorable.
  • The term "Blind as a Bat" is inaccurate. Bat's have pretty keen senses, including their eyesight.
  • Bats have super high maybe the saying should be "Skinny as a Bat." I'm going to try to make that saying catch on...
  • Less than 10 people in the past 50 years have contracted rabies from bats. Bats are scared of people, so they don't really mingle with them.
  • So, why are bats associated with crazy? Well, the term "Bats in the Belfry" allegedly comes from the idea that the belfry of a church is similar to a person's mind. Bats only inhabit a belfry when a church has become abandoned because the ringing of a bell would drive them, well, batty. So, if someone has "bats in the belfry" then they have mentally "checked out" and have a colony of crazy in their head. And what about the term "batsh*t"? Well, that's just taking the whole saying a little bit further...I think you can fill in the rest.
Speaking of crazy, you'd be crazy to not get this necklace.  Yeah, I just typed that. I'm not proud...but apparently, I'm not too proud to pander. I've got bills to pay.

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