Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ellie Font

Elephant! Or Ellie Font, as I would say in annoying pixie baby talk...but Ellie Font would make a cute burlesque name....Wait, where am I? Oh, that's right, I'm writing a blog. Sorry, I hate it when I drift off into annoying pixie baby land....

Back to the matter at hand: Elephants! Recently, my husband and I went to our local zoo. They were asking for donations to rebuild the elephant exhibit; and they need it! Right now, the exhibit is about the size of a two car garage...ok, maybe not that small- but still, it's small. So, if you live in the Colorado Springs area, donate to the elephant exhibit at the Cheyenne Mtn. Zoo.

Need some inspiration? Here's some elephant facts:

  • The word "elephant" comes from the Greek word for "ivory." 
  • Speaking of ivory, elephants have no natural predators...except humans, who hunt them for their ivory. Because we are assholes.
  • They are the largest land mammals alive and can live between 50-70 years. 
  • Elephants are a symbol of wisdom in Asian cultures. I agree. They just look wise. And, I'm not making fun of their wrinkles or grey hair...
  • An elephant eats about 16 hours a day. The rest of the day is spent drinking, bathing, "wallowing," playing, and resting. Sounds like a typical Sunday at my house.
  • Elephants are very social. They take care of injured family members and even seem to grieve over a dead companion. That fact made me get a little teary-eyed.
  • Their trunks are sensitive enough to pick up a blade of grass and strong enough to brake a tree limb. Also, their trunks work as sort of a "smelling periscope" and can determine the presence of enemies.
  • Elephants are smarties. They have the largest brains of any land animal and are ranked up there with non-human primates. I would argue that elephants are smarter than some humans I know.
  • Elephants have been used as working animals and warring animals in Africa and Asia. But, up until the mid 1970's, even zoos would use corporal punishment and negative reinforcement as a way to domesticate them. Now, however, it is common practice to use positive rewards to train the animals. Yay!
And here is your positive reward for reading my blog; the chance to buy an elephant necklace:)

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