Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OK, Let's Not Lose Our Heads...

Lately the news networks have been blowing up with coverage of the Rupert Murdoch/World News hacking scandals.

I want to state that my cell phone has not been hacked. Which is a good thing because then the whole world would know that I need my husband to pick up a window fan and also that I enjoy sending and receiving pictures of cute baby animals in hats. Scandal!

But, do you know who would have been a huge topic of scandal if she were around today? Anne Boleyn. In fact, she is STILL the subject of a lot of speculation, even to this day. So, here's the lowdown on Anne Boleyn.

  • She met Henry VIII while working in the court of Catherine of Aragon, Henry's then wife.
  • Anne kept her distance from Henry. She didn't want to be the other woman. Also, her sister Mary already had a thing going with Hank. 
  • Anne wasn't exactly charmed by the overbearing, philandering King, but she ultimately relented to his advances.
  • But, she had to wait like 7 years for Henry to obtain that pesky divorce from his current wife. That was a whole other ball of wax....
  • What did she look like? Apparently she had olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes. She stood out in the sea of pasty, faired skinned Anglos at the time. 
  • Haters started a rumor that she had a sixth finger and hideous moles and worts all over her neck. But this is most likely untrue; otherwise, why would Henry be so sprung on her? Even if he was into that, it's cool. Let your freak flag fly, man!
  • She was married to Henry in 1533...which is good because she became pregnant in 1532. People were bad at- or rather, ignored- math back then.
  • Her first pregnancy resulted in a stillborn, but her second pregnancy resulted in the birth of a daughter, who would eventually become Queen Elizabeth I....after a whole bunch of disputes and weird monarchy rules that I still can't comprehend.
  • Henry loved Elizabeth, but he wanted a son. He was convinced that it was Anne's fault that they didn't have  a son (of course).....So, he wanted a divorce. Again. 
  • But, why get a divorce when you can just have your ex-wife tried for treason and executed?
  • She was beheaded in the Tower Green on May 19, 1536. Well, at least no one over-reacted....
Poor Anne couldn't catch a break; but here's your chance to show her some the form of a necklace!
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