Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quail! Cute! I Want One!

Recently, I have a new found fondness for birds. It might be because we have a family of birds that make its yearly nest in the eave of our back porch. I've become quite attached to our feathered squatters. My cat Maeby likes them too, although I suspect that her intentions are less than honorable.

Anyway, what could be cuter than a tiny game bird sporting a showgirl headpiece?

Here's some facts about quails. And, I will not mention Dick Cheney's quail hunting fiasco in this blog....Mainly because I believe that if you say his name 3 times in a row, he will drag you down to the underworld a'la Beetleguise.

  • California Quail enjoy community dust baths. Hippies.
  • Mountain Quail and Gambel Quail are monogamous. Aw, so sweet.
  • The "showgirl headpiece" of plumage on their heads is actual called a "top knot."
  • Quail can only fly short distances because it raises their body temperature. If their body temperature gets too high, they could perish. I use the same excuse not to take up jogging.
  • The quail is in the pheasant family. How pleasant.
  • Since quails can't fly long distances, they have a very small home range and don't migrate. Therefore, habitat destruction is leading to the extinction of many quail species.
  • Quail can start mating at about the age of 2 months. Damn; they got the show "16 And Pregnant" beat! 
  • The word "quail" is a great word to play in Words With Friends. You get that Q on a triple letter AND a triple word and you are set!
  • Fact: Quail necklaces are adorable!

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