Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Good to be King

I usually drink Jameson whiskey. Sometimes, when I want something sweeter, I opt for Tullamore Dew. I'm not a huge fan of Bushmills, but I've never turned down a free shot of it. And, in a pinch- I'll drink Crown Royal. In fact, Crown was what got me started on drinking whiskey. It was my gateway whiskey, if you will. So I always have a fondness in my heart for good old Crown Royal. 

Why do I bring this up? Because I had no idea how to start out this blog post....It's about crowns.

  • Crowns are the traditional head wear of monarchs and symbolize royalty.
  • A coronet is different from a crown. A coronet is what lesser monarchs wear (i.e. duke, baron, count, etc.). Usually, only the highest ranking monarch (i.e. King) wears a crown.
  • A coronet never has arches. Only crowns have arches.
  • But, here's were it gets confusing- the ceremony of placing a crown (or coronet) on the head is called a coronation.
  • Today, only the British monarchy and the Tongan monarchy retain the tradition of wearing a crown during coronation; although many monarchies still retain the crown as a national symbol.
  • A Corona Radiata, aka "radiant crown" is what the Statue of Liberty wears.
  • Queen Elizabeth II has a rubber ducky with an inflatable crown in her bath. Allegedly. According to the all-knowing Interwebs...
  • Royal Crown cola was the first soda company to use aluminum cans.
  • King George VI and his wife Elizabeth visited Canada in 1939. In honor of this event, the  Seagram company introduced Crown Royal whisky as a tribute to the royal visit. See how I brought it all back to whiskey/whisky? How's that for some blogging skills?
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