Friday, June 3, 2011


Well, last night I performed at a bar. I may have over imbibed just a smidge. Today, I'm feeling a little slow. So, in honor of my accomplishments from last night, let's review some slang words for "drunk."

  • Bent - I've never heard this one before; I like it.
  • Blitzed - a classic
  • Blottoed - wonderfully old-timey
  • Bombed - This one just FEELS like a headache
  • Canned - never heard this one before either
  • Cockeyed - Haha!
  • Crapulous - What? I love this one! I'm totally going to accuse people of being "crapulous"
  • Crocked - Umm, I don't know about that one
  • Dipso - this one is kind of adorable
  • 'Faced - for all the frat boys out there
  • Hooched Up - one of my favorites....If I lived in the 1920's
  • Hammered - I believe this one needs to be said with a wicked Boston accent
  • Juiced - According to rap lyrics...
  • Liquored Up -  I performed a burlesque act to a song called Liquored Up and Lacquored Down
  • Loaded - another classic
  • Looped - haven't heard this one before, but I'm feeling it
  • Obliterated - ah, yes.
  • Pie-Eyed - this one is also just adorable
  • Pissed - a British classic
  • Pickled - truly one of my faves. It's perfectly old-time AND I love pickles.
  • Plastered - This one screams "sorority girl"
  • Plowed - meh
  • Ripped - meh again
  • Sauced - this one is SO Rat Pack!
  • Sh*tfaced - Frat boy part duex
  • Sloshed - messy
  • Smashed - also headache-y
  • Snockered - this one just SOUNDS drunk
  • Soused - yep
  • Tanked - I heard this one so much in college, that I kind of hate it.
  • Three Sheets to the Wind - classic!
  • Tipsy - er'ry body in this club getting.... 
  • Trashed - I use this one quite a bit
  • Twisted - not quite familiar with this one
  • Wasted - ah yes, so wonderfully 1980's
  • Wrecked - yep
  • Zombied - hell yes! This one will work it's way into my lexicon
  • Zonked - I've never heard this one either, but I like how it sounds:)
So, can you relate to any of the above terms? And are you proud of it? Well, have I got a necklace for you! Nothing like wearing your debilitating social problems on your chest, right?
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