Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yet ANOTHER Blog post about cats...

Lady Lorraine Kitty-Winston. That is my "royal" name according to a new game that is floating around on the Internet. Basically, you take either "Lady" or "Lord" (supposed to be along gender lines, but I say take whichever title suits you best) then add one of your grandparent's first name (again, whichever one sounds more "royal"), then add one of your pets' names and finally, hyphenate it with the street you grew up on. It's like a classier version of the porn star name game that was going around.

So, what does this have to do with this blog post. Well, that's where the "Kitty" part of my royal name comes from. Yes, I had a cat name Kitty. Allegedly. I don't remember her and I have only one picture that exists of me and her. By all accounts, Kitty was a Siamese and a very amiable one at that. But apparently, Kitty did not like the arrival of a newborn infant (me) and started acting out. As legend has it, Kitty swatted at the newborn and was subsequently banished from the kingdom. Do you like how I turned that into a sort of fairy tale at the end? Anyway, you would think that I would be anti-Siamese cat after my traumatic (so traumatic, I don't even remember) exchange with said cat. But, it is quite the opposite. I'm obsessed with Siamese cats. I even have 2 Siamese cat tattoos. I think I'm so interested in them  because they were pretty much forbidden in my household growing up. Sometimes you only want more what you can't have.

So, here's to you Kitty and to all the Siamese out there.

  • Siamese cats originated in Thailand (then Siam). It is believed that they are descendants of the original sacred temple cats. They were called "Moon Diamond" and were believed to be good luck and keep away evil spirits.
  • Siamese cats were brought to the UK by the British Consul-General in Bangkok in 1884 as a gift for his sister in London. The pair that he took were Pho and Mia. His sister bred the two, resulting in 3 kittens which were displayed at London's Crystal Palace show. 
  • The first documented cat to reach the United States was Siam, a gift to President Hayes from the American Consul in Bangkok in 1878.
  • Siamese cats are called "pointed" cats. This means that they have concentrations of color on the ends or "points" of their bodies, ie- muzzle, feet, tail. The pointed pattern is a partial form of albinism. Siamese kittens start out all cream or white at birth, then develop darker colors at the coldest points on their body. Kind of like a mood ring...that's permanent.
  • They are smarties. Rumor has it that you can train them to walk on a leash or use a toilet. Awesome. And weird.
  • Their lifespan is about average (10-15 years), but if you have a "modern" Siamese, then the lifespan might be shorter due to health problems that arise from selective breeding.
  • Though Siamese are known for their crossed eyes and kinked tails, this is not a common trait in them and is considered a flaw or a mutation.
  • Siamese cats produce fewer allergens than other breeds due to their fine fur.
  • Some famous people with Siamese cats: Queen Elizabeth II, James Dean (a gift from Elizabeth Taylor), Amy Carter, Susan Ford, Vivien Leigh, James Mason, and Edward G. Robinson.
Are you obsessed with Siamese cats? Want to own a necklace that shows it? Here you go:

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