Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Luck with All That...

Well, it's tax day. And some of you might need some good luck....I'm not saying that you filled out your returns in a shady manner; but a little good luck never hurt anyone:)

So, let's go over some good luck charms, shall we?

  • 4-leaf clover: This is probably the oldest good luck symbol. Due to it's rarity, the Druids held it in very high esteem. The Celts believed that it had the power to protect against evil spirits. And rumour has it that Eve carried a 4-leaf clover from the garden of Eden.
  • Wishbone: The wishbone tradition dates back to the Etruscans on the Italian peninsula. The Etruscans held hens and rooster in high esteem and would have fortune telling rituals in which pieces of grain would correspond with letters of the Etruscan alphabet. As a hen or rooster would eat a piece of grain, they were spelling out what would happen in the coming year- kind of like a chicken Ouija board. After the fortune telling, the bird would be slaughtered (hey, fortune or no, an Etruscan's got to eat). The bones would be left out to dry and the collar bone was considered the most sacred. Anyone who touched it would have good luck. Later on the Romans took up this tradition, but people would fight over the wishbone, thus breaking the wishbone began. This is where we get the term "lucky break."
  • Horseshoe: Horseshoes were considered luck because they were made of iron. Iron was considered a lucky material because it could withstand fire, so it represented strength and protection from evil. Also, horseshoes were made by blacksmiths. Blacksmiths were the rock stars of their day and considered very prestigious. So, should you hang a horseshoe up or down above a door? Depends. Some say the ends should be pointing up, that way it can catch and hold all the good luck that comes in through the door. Others say the ends should point down, so all the good luck from the horseshoe can pour down onto the household. I say, double your bet and hang one upright and one upside down...or would that cancel all the luck out?
  • Rabbit's foot: First of all, I don't believe this to be lucky at all. But, that's just the animal lover in me. So, where did this tradition come from? Well, one culture is the Celts- as young males were taught to hunt, they started out on rabbits. They kept the foot as a trophy of their kill. The tradition also has it's place in African heritage- the rabbit's foot served and important purpose in Hoodoo magic. But not any foot would do. It had to be the left hind foot, procured from a rabbit in a cemetery, during a specific phase of the moon.
  • Swallows: Swallows are considered good luck, especially for sailors. If a sailor sees a swallow, it means they are close to land because swallows are land-loving birds.
This necklace has both a swallow AND a horseshoe. That means that it is DOUBLE lucky...
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