Monday, March 7, 2011


I know that I've already blogged about cats...but, it's Monday, it's a chilly day here in Colorado, and I could use a blog post about something undeniably cute and cuddly. So, let's talk about kittens!

  • Kittens can have a bath as early as 3 months old. They probably won't like it, but you can try to give them one.
  • When kittens are exposed to excessive sunlight, they shed more fur.
  • Kittens do dream while they sleep. Cuteness!
  • Yeast dough can forment and turn to alcohol in a kitten's stomach. I have to admit, I'm curious to see what a drunk kitten looks like:)
  • Almost all kittens are born with blue eyes.
  • During her productive life, one female cat could have as many as 100 kittens.
  • A cat named Mincho went up a tree in Argentina and didn't come down for 6 years. She managed to have 3 litters of cats from 3 different baby daddies. Those were some ambitious cats.
  • A group of kittens is called a kindle. *Gasp* I love it!
And here's a kitten cuteness necklace:
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