Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes the Baby in the Baby Carriage

I don't know much about babies. I know that you shouldn't shake them, give them honey, get them wet or feed them after midnight.....some of those rules might apply to gremlins only. As much as I know about babies, I know even less about baby carriages. I do know that if you dress up a cat and throw it in a baby carriage, it is good times for a 6 year old girl. Bad times for the cat.

So since I don't know anything about baby carriages, aka prams, I'm going to learn about them. Right now.
  • A baby carriage (or "pram" in the UK) is generally used for a newborn and has the baby lying down, facing the parent. A stroller (or "buggy" in the UK) is used for an older child, with the child sitting and facing away from the parent. Now you know.
  • The baby carriage was invented by English architect William Kent in 1773. He created it at the request of the 3rd Duke of Devonshire.
  • William H. Richardson patented an improvement on the baby carriage in the United States in 1889. He improved the axles for greater mobility and made it so the baby could face either forward or away. He made the first reversible baby carriage. USA! USA!
  • Baby carriages were first used by the elite. The carriages were ornately decorated with expensive detail, and were priced much too high for the lower classes to afford. Apparently, poor people didn't need to transport their babies anywhere...
  • Here's something hilarious, but also scary: The first baby carriages were designed to be pulled by a dog, goat or pony instead of a parent. OK, take a minute to create a mental picture of that. Laugh. Now, take a minute to be glad that we don't allow farm animals or pets to pull our children anymore.
  • Like almost EVERYTHING in the Victorian era, baby carriages really took off when Queen Victoria purchased one. I don't have confirmation on if she had a spaniel or daschund pulling the carriage.
  • FACT- Necklaces with baby carriages on it make great baby shower gifts. I'm just sayin'...

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