Friday, February 4, 2011

Save Ferris Wheel

Guess what? I have never broken a bone, had pink eye, gone water-skiing, caught a frog, or learned how to make that arm-pit farting noise. What's the point of this? To illustrate that I never really did all the things that "typical" kids did. Including going to DisneyLand. And I still haven't been. I'm planning a trip in May to see exactly what all the hype is about. But I still don't plan on doing any of those other things that I listed.

Don't get me wrong; I've been to amusement parks all over the country including a Six Flags in New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin. I've been to Denver's Elitch Gardens BEFORE the move to LoDo (props). I've also been to Coney Island, which was super cool and the way an amusement park should be. And I've been to the super cheesy, kind of lame North Pole here in Colorado Springs.

 I've just never made it out to Disney. Ok?

But, that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate a good amusement park.

The first amusement parks popped up in the 1500's around Europe and were called "pleasure gardens." Ew. That sounds like a creepy Euro sex club. The world's oldest pleasure garden (please note, that is the last time I will use that phrase; it is strictly amusement park going forward) opened in 1589 and is still in operation outside of Copenhagen. Pretty cool.
In the 1800's, amusement parks started taking hold in the United States. They were generally built at the end of trolley lines, and included dance halls, picnic areas, restaurants, games, a few rides, and sometimes a beer garden (yes!).
It was in 1893, at the Worlds Columbian Exposition in Chicago, that the Ferris Wheel debuted. The ride was invented by George Ferris who was commissioned to come up with a structure that would rival the Eiffel Tower, which was debuted in 1889. Ferris' original design was doodle on a cocktail napkin (my kind of guy). When it was finally constructed it was 250 ft tall and each car or carriage held 60 people. Yowza. The price of admission was a whopping .50 cents. Doesn't seem like much, but considering that the average daily wage at the time was $1, that was a half of a day's pay...just to ride in a box with 59 other yahoos.

Well, this will cost you more than .50 cents, but you don't have to share it with 59 other people, unless that's your thing.
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  1. that necklace is amazing!! i have some wonderful memories of Disney as im sure you have too of other amusement parks. :)