Friday, February 11, 2011

Old Hat

I am guilty of using expressions that I have no idea what they mean. Case in point: "Old Hat." As in, "Oh, I know what I'm doing. It's old hat." But, I have that expression wrong. I thought it meant "Hey, I got this." But, apparently it means dull, or boring. I guess the term comes from something being passe or out of fashion, like the changing fashions of a hat. So, I've been using that expression wrong for over 30 years...

Here's some other hat facts:

1. Millinery refers to women's hat making and comes from the word Milan; where the original woman's fashion hat makers reigned. Haberdashery refers to men's hat making. And, it is also one of my favorite words.
2. You lose 20% of your body heat through your head. 40% if you are Minnie Driver.
3. Panama hats...guess what? They came from Ecuador. The hat became popular because workers wore them when building the Panama canal, which is why they were associated with Panama. Ecuador was robbed!
4. After World War II, hat wearing declined. Why? Because of the popularity of the automobile.
5. The Audubon Society was formed in order to protect birds from Edwardian millinery styles. Sometimes a whole bird would be used on a hat.
6.Marie Antoinette's milliner was named Rose Bertin and can be considered the world's first stylist. Take that, Rachel Zoe.
7.. Most people know this, but I'll include it anyway: the term Mad as a Hatter most likely comes from he use of mercury in millinery and haberdasher goods. Prolonged exposure to mercury had drastic neurological effects.
8. Chanel, Halston and Adolfo all started out as milliners.
9. The fist 10 gallon hat was made in Central City, CO by John Batterson Stetson.
10. The pillbox hat was originally a military hat design. The term pillbox refers to a round military defense structure.

Well, this isn't a hat...but it's a necklace with a hat...
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  1. Great Post. I too, have misused old hat. I think it's commonly (mis)used to imply mastery in a craft these days. But of course, it must refer to the fashion trend world.

  2. so eclectic and wonderful! i can totally see myself wearing it with a simple LBD :)