Monday, February 7, 2011


Every spring, my husband Troy and I get some squatters in the eave over our back porch. Its a family of sparrows. And they are some of the coolest little freeloaders:)  I also look like this in the morning:
But, I'm today's post isn't about sparrows, it's about ravens.

1. Are wicked smart, surpassing chimps in some intelligent tests.
2. Are scavengers.
3. Like to trick other animals into doing their dirty work. If they come across a carcass that is too big for them to scavenge, they will let out a call that alerts bigger carnivores to its location. They then let a wolf, coyote, or Sasquatch tear up the carcass, then the raven swoops in to pick up the remains.
4. They have a life span of 30-50 years.
5. Are symbols of storms according to some Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian legends. They are also a symbol of death according to African, Asian and European legends. Quote the raven, "nevermore."

Symbol of death, or not; I think this necklace is pretty nice:

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