Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, I actually ended up watching part of the Super Bowl on Sunday...but only because of the promise of eating crappy food. When the question came up of who do we cheer for, we decided on Green Bay. Why. Because we like cheese.
Why do I bring this up? Because cheese had the power to make me actually pick and cheer for a team during an event that I could otherwise care less about. 
So, this blog post is going to be about cheese. Well, sort of. Just go along with me on this one; we've got the power of cheese on our side.

Some facts about cheese:

1. The United States is the biggest producer of cheese (thanks to Wisconsin and California) but France and England are the biggest consumers of cheese.
2. The most popular cheese recipe in the United States is Mac and Cheese.
3. My new favorite cheese quote (of course, that implies that I had an old favorite cheese quote): "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."
4. The terms Big Wheel and Big Cheese comes from the fact that originally it was only the wealthy who could afford to purchase a wheel of cheese.
5. A 1000 pound cheese wheel was given to Queen Victoria on her birthday....We're gonna need a bigger boat.
6. The enzyme that causes the Limburger cheese odor is the same enzyme in human skin that causes body odor. Mmmmm. Body odor cheese.
7. My favorite cheese is Havarti.
8. Don't have time to brush your teeth? Chew on a piece of cheese- apparently the texture and enzymes in cheese help clean your teeth. But seriously, try to get a hold of a toothbrush first. Cheese-brushing should be a worst case scenario, you slacker.
9. According to Cheese.com (yes, there's a Cheese.com), cheese has been around since 6000 BC. But more importantly, how did they know what I have in my refrigerator?
10. And, drum roll......The Cheshire Cat is most likely to have got its name from a mold used for cheese in Cheshire, England. The mold was shaped like a cat and you started the cheese at the tail end. As you ate the cheese, you were left with a smiling cat face. Yay! See, I told you we would get there.
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