Monday, January 31, 2011


Did you know that we have the ancient Greeks to thank for the mud flap girl? Yep. According to wikipedia, the Greeks invented the art of silhouette....

Only it wasn't called silhouette then. In fact, the term silhouette is attributed to the French finance minister in the 1750's who was forced to make austere financial impositions - especially on the wealthy - due to economic troubles of the time. It was said that he also enjoyed the art of cutting traced images onto black cardboard. Thus, art form came to be known as a silhouette. It was also a slight on the finance minister because this art form was known as being very cheap...and so was he.

Before the invention of the camera, silhouettes were the most popular art form in the United States in the 1800's. It was the cheapest and fastest way to commemorate someone and artists would often travel from town to town offering silhouette services so the art form was very accessible to a lot of people.

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